We don't care how you celebrate, we just want you to spread the news and celebrate Global Beatles Day!

GBD can be celebrated just as easily by yourself, or with your family, or roommates. In general, observances might be small or large: gathering at homes, songfests in parks, lunchtime concerts, older ones talking to younger ones in the schools about The Beatles phenomenon … all with the knowledge that each celebration is part of a worldwide experience. No need for people to buy cards or gifts but we always encourage buying Beatles music!  

This is a day set aside to reflect, remember, share, promote good ideas, and send good out into the world in honor of the ideals The Beatles embraced. Connect with yourself or with others. Do something small to cause a big ripple; give of your time, money, or attention to further peace and goodwill in the world. Use the day for intention setting, promoting peace, or raising money for a charitable cause.

Several charitable organizations are affiliated with the Beatles, here are just a few:

Download a hi-res PDF of this poster, print and share!