In August, 2011 we gave a GBD shirt to NancyShevell, soon to be Mrs. Paul McCartney. Hope she will share our shirt and idea with Sir Paul. (paulmccartney.com)


We can’t say that Elvis or Nancy endorse Global Beatles Day, but we are pretty sure they think it might be a good idea. And we hope you will help spread the idea of GBD, wherever you go! Please see our Buzz page for more media coverage of GBD…

P1030151We gave Elvis Costello, who we know loves and admires the Beatles, a GBD shirt.  He was kind enough to display it during one of his most spectacular shows in September, 2011.  Elvis’ shirt was prominently draped over a podium throughout the show.  Elvis’ brilliance as a songwriter and entertainer is unparalleled.  Thank you, Elvis!