gbdlogoWhy Global Beatles Day is different…

The  idea  of a “Global Beatles Day”  is different.  The date chosen has a particular meaning  in the global sense.

On June 25, 1967, The Beatles participated in a BBC program called “Our World”.   The BBC linked studios in several cultural capitals, including London, England.  “Our World” was the first global transmission broadcast ever, and the Beatles were the central  segment , singing   “All you Need is Love.”

A  global holiday that would  not  pigeonhole the Beatles’  contributions , or their  impact on the world.  It is not limited to their amazing and transcendent  music. (see main page

It is a thank you note and a love letter. (Speaking of love letters…read this)

A holiday that didn’t involve wigs or lookalike/soundalike bands.

In saying all this, the reason for a  GBD holiday in the first place, is because every day is  “Global Beatles Day” for a lot of us….

When  Global Beatles Day (GBD) was launched in  February of 2009, there was already  a “Beatles Day”  held in Liverpool  on July 10th. The very nice thing about “Beatles Day” in the UK, is that money is raised for  local Liverpool charitable causes.  Doing charitable things in the name of this or any other holiday is obviously a  “fab”ulous idea.

The  Liverpool organizers of Beatles Day chose  July 10th  because this was  the day the Beatles returned to Liverpool from America -and the premiere of “A Hard Day’s Night

Any day, in any place,  that celebrates the amazing shift in the world because of the Beatles is ok , better than OK… Any money that would be raised for the good of humanity  or the earth in celebration, or in honor of the Beatles is a good thing.  There’s plenty of room for everyone.